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Welcome back to the office. Safely.

Help your colleagues to work safe in the office during hard times. Let Flanco automate the office flow.
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Safety first - Flanco will help to follow the following


Reduce workspace density

Flanco will help to maintain social distancing in the office space so your colleagues could get back to their beloved office safely.

Control space and capacity

Limit capacity in the office to maintain healthy environment and avoid any possible outbreaks.

Trace contacts

Get data of where each individual has been in the office to track potentially risky contacts and stop any chances of spreading the virus.

Close spaces on demand

Disable resources or certain space bookings in case of exposure to keep other employees risk-free. Keep it running safely and without stress.

Actively manage office re-shaping spaces into safe zones

Fast & easy booking

Book a meeting and send invitations to your colleagues in just a few clicks. Flanco also automatically removes events that don't start to prevent abandoned meetings.

Real-time updates

No guessing needed - as meetings are booked, your map reflects updates in real-time.

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