All-in-one platform for inclusive property management and flexible workplace solutions

Flanco Space

Freedom and flexibility of the hybrid workspace comes with challenges

A hybrid work model is here to stay. It brought many administrative challenges, too. How to monitor office occupancy? How to ensure the optimum number of workstations and how to have enough meeting rooms or acoustic pods for returning employees? How to ensure a safe return?

Flanco could provide an answer. An innovative yet simple platform allows you to book different office resources on-demand, increase workspace efficiency and synchronize office-related data. With important resource analytics, top managers can make insight-driven business decisions.

People's privacy first

We at Flanco value privacy and do not collect any excessive personal information from your employees. The analysis is based on office resource usage data only and does not include any information on people’s daily movements. This allows employees to concentrate fully on their work, feeling safe and secure knowing that their privacy is not being violated.

Modest solution for easy setup

You only need an app and a QR code to book the necessary office resource. Flanco doesn’t use any hardware sensors so anyone can prepare the office for the app – just stick the QR codes sent by our team on the surface of the resource. Book a desk or meeting room via the Flanco app, Office 365 or Google Calendar, scan the code to check-in, and you’re there.

Our privilege, goal, and dream

To build workspaces without unnecessary movement, overbooking of meeting rooms, and inefficient use of existing resources.

Flanco Structure

Landlord perspective

Connectedness of building

Holding latest tech integrations Flanco out of the box delivers tons of integrations ready made to link access controls, parking controls, vending and coffee machines and even utility consumption. Most office spaces, shared meeting rooms, event spaces and parking lots rely on multiple hardware and software vendors resulting in excessive amounts of manual labor, rising costs and inefficient processes. By providing a complete solution, Flanco automates every part of a building’s space from managing and billing tenants to providing on-demand paid benefit services.

Property and tenant management

Flanco platform allows proper property management starting from registry of spaces and following into a full tenant management. Helping landlords to oversee under-utilisation of the building Flanco platform provides a comprehensive resource registry and metrics monitoring usage of spaces and services. Through a single page application Flanco allows white label web application for administrator, tenants and guests under your unique branding. Flanco does carry readiness for business center utilisation and adaptation to new working forms. We do understand the importance of business centers and coworking spaces that need to adapt quickly to market shifts and thus, the platform does offer solutions for businesses that optimise their workspaces and gain greater efficiency at the same time.

Processes and self service

Tenants are empowered to service themselves comfortably through enabled and assigned resources on self-service web application while building administrator has powerful administrative tools to create packages of resources for them. Extra services could enabled for tenants could be fully managed and used within terms of limits by tenants: on-demand services and products, shared space booking, parking plate registrations, vending machine credits and limits, guest access pass-throughs and related services. Flanco platform maintains a fast and secure communication with tenants for bulk, a two way communication and requests. Yes, it even has a news module to maintain contact and grow the connectedness of a community.

Flanco Structure

Tenant perspective

One pass to everything

Single entity – one Flanco tenant’s portal enables tenants to manage lots of interaction with the property and services: from navigating through the building, entering parking and exploiting all services assigned by the building administrator.Seamless experience resulting in greater tenant satisfaction and leading to efficient usage of spaces. Needless to say, greater tenant satisfaction may lead to more opportunities for upgrades of utility packages.

Access and control of resources

Processes such as billing, conference room booking and client setup often consume most of your staff’s time, preventing your space from growing. Flanco enables the transfer of a major part of self-service and control down to tenants via tenants’ portal.
All assigned spaces and services could be managed at ease while leaving a powerful option for tenants to administer themselves while automating part of the process.
When it comes to billing, most flexible workspaces must tie together reports and data from multiple sources including their copiers, phone system and conference room management tools. The results can be inaccurate and extremely time consuming.
Flanco platform fully automates the entire billing process by automatically compiling billing data associated with services used by tenants. Invoices are issued and tracked to ensure all payments are received automatically.

Tenant employee self service

Flanco self-service in a form of mobile application enables all tenant employees to manage their meeting room, shared space and parking bookings, services and requests. Tenants have an option to empower their employees enabling different limits, allowances and credits for shared spaces and benefits, such as pre-paid meals, coffee or a better parking space reservation option.
Control over assigned assets entails greater utilisation and in general tenant satisfaction for being in control of their own.

The progress Flanco makes

Office know-how

We understand that every office and workspace is unique, so Flanco adapts to any setting and optimizes your resources in any situation. With years of experience observing office spaces, we know how to make them better!

Rapid development

We are staying ahead of our competitors by making changes and updating Flanco all the time. We always listen to our customers, analyze existing data, and introduce new functionalities that make your experience flawless.