ESG in Building Operations
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Welcome to Flanco Structure, your partner in building a sustainable future

Flanco Structure is at the forefront of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) solutions for building operations.

ESG refers to the three key factors used to evaluate a company's sustainability and societal impact: Environmental, Social, and Governance.

ESG is no longer a choice but a necessity, as it affects businesses across industries, driving profitability, resilience, and long-term success.

The Challenge: Building Operations and Carbon Emissions

Graph showcasing the sectors and their respective contributions to CO2 emissions.

Fact: Building operations alone generate a staggering 28% of global CO2 emissions.

The Future of ESG Data Management

Flanco Structure offers a comprehensive solution for building operationsdigitalization, revolutionizing ESG data gathering and reporting.

1. Data Digitalization:
Capture: Agreements, meter readings, expenses, supplier invoices, tenant requests, and more - including water and electricity consumption, solar power generation, waste management, and heating usage. Process: Our advanced algorithms categorize and organize the data, making it easily accessible and ready for analysis. Store: Your data is securely stored and distributed, ensuring easy access whenever you need it.

2. Data Analytics:
Analyzing data is at the core of driving sustainable decisions. Our powerful analytics engine transforms raw data into actionable insights. We help you comply with regulations and prepare accurate reports tailored to your ESG goals.

3. Solution for Decision Makers:
Understanding your real estate GHG emissions is vital for effective ESG management. Flanco Structure empowers decision-makers with comprehensive tools to track and reduce GHG emissions. Benefit: Make informed decisions and implement sustainability strategies with confidence.

Mandatory and Voluntary Reporting for Sustainable Future

Keep up with regulatory requirements and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

Fact: The European Commission has introduced reporting guidelines that will be mandatory for all companies.
Mandatory Reporting: Two game-changing sustainability reporting frameworks in the EU:CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive): From 2024 onwards, large quoted companies, large banks, large insurers, and companies with 250+ employees and/or €40 million turnover and/or €20 million capital will be required to comply."

Voluntary Reporting: SMEs have the optionto report voluntarily initially, but the requirements will be tightened as thedeadline approaches.

Impact on Companies: The phase offree-form reporting is coming to an end. Companies will need to provideretrospective data in their ESG reports, demonstrating their commitment totransparency and accountability.

Discover how Flanco Structure's business model aligns with your needs.

We offer a flexible subscription-basedpricing model for our Flanco solution.
Benefit: Access our advanced ESG datamanagement tools without upfront investment costs.
We provide data sharing (API) optionswith sustainability advisory companies, promoting collaboration and expertise.
Our team also offers custom reporting andconsulting services tailored to your unique ESG goals.

Success Starts with Sustainability
Unlock the benefits of Flanco Structure's ESG solution for stakeholders

Attract and retain tenants and investors who prioritize sustainability.

Higher asset value and marketability through enhanced ESG performance.

Improved transparency and communication with investors, tenants, and regulators.

Reduced operating costs through better resource management and sustainability practices.

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