Flanco Space

Space management simplified: it makes workspace booking experience easy

Reserve desks, rooms. Manage spaces & flows.

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Manage meeting space & desk inventory for a more flexible environment

Desk and space management

Book a place for the task at hand with right fit and resources.

Remove abandoned meetings.

Optimize workplace usage for higher productivity.

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Monitor in real time

Analyze flows in real-time on space usage and employee flows.

Uncover unused spaces.

Get track of all canceled meetings in real-time.

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Resource analytics

Flanco helps identify and optimize underutilized office spaces.

Track real-time meeting cancellations.

Analyze office usage to improve and optimize the space over time.

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Flanco is an ultra-lightweight champion

Easily manage your office size on the go thus cutting down utility and usage costs to minimum. Monitor workflow and resources to get the most of the space.

Fast integration

1. Print and place QR codes on workplace resources

2. Upload office map and create resource groups

3. Link resources by scanning QR codes and you’re ready to go

Easy to use

Scan the QR code to check-in or book a resource

Track office occupancy in real-time

Find resources or people

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Efficient office usage with Flanco reduces cost

Resource planning

Cost reduction level can reach 20% and more

The secret lies in the great planning Flanco is capable of deploying. Through process automation and resource planning office usage costs can be significantly reduced.

Exclusive support & expansion

Achieving greater space utilization

We offer exclusive support services and know-how in the field of office space utilization. Yet Flanco is an ever-growing platform offering tons of new possibilities and integrations.

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