Squeeze your office space. Better.

Make decisions on office optimisation based on office space activity data from Flanco.
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Make insight-driven decisions based on activity

Unused spaces

Flanco will help to uncover those spaces that are less used and maybe not so important in the office.

Meeting cancelations

Get track of all canceled meetings in real-time.

Office density

Understand how your office is being used and identify ways to improve and advance the space based on utilisation over time.

Optimize your office to meet productivity and flexibility at the perfect ratio

Re-shape seating

Some of your resources might be put in the wrong place where nobody wants to use them, while other resources are always overbooked. Analyze and observe your office space to find the optimal location for every resource.

Optimize office hours

With an integrated calendar, convenient booking system, and operational control of your office space, you will avoid overbooking and inefficient usage of your office space. By optimizing your office's natural flow, you will also optimize office hours, making everyone happy!

Find perfect spot

No more wandering around the office, looking for the perfect spot for your job. All you have to do is open Flanco, check the real-time map, and pick the best spot for your work or meeting.

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