How does Flanco help your office space?

Automates resource scheduling enabling smarter office flow ensuring more efficient operating in the end.
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Flexible space management
Manage your room and desk inventory. Resources can be grouped and booking settings can be configured.
Integration with calendar
Flanco connects to your existing calendar.
Interactive office map
All Flanco users can see office occupancy in real-time, book resources and find colleagues.
Office issue tracking
Users can report issues with the selected office so that you can keep your office in the best shape.
Office space management

Get the most of your resources

Employees may check real-time availability and book conference rooms, hot desks, or other types of resources. There's no limit to the number of resources you may add.
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Resource analytics

Monitor in real-time

Analyze flows in real-time on space usage and employee flows in the office to find better and greater solutions for office optimization and cost reduction.
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