Space management simplified

Make the entire workspace booking experience easier and improve productivity
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Flanco fully adapts to your office space. No doubt.

Quick setup
Flexible resource grouping
Connects to your existing calendar
Interactive maps
Find resources and people
Office issue management

Save great with workplace booking and Flanco

Intuitively manage office space

We're sure you feel about how your office space is managed, but why don't you have data on it? With Flanco, you'll be able to achieve efficiency without spending hours staring at an Excel spreadsheet.

Let employees book on demand

Sure, planning ahead is great, but what if something unexpected comes up? No problem here! Just let your employees book their spaces on-demand and see any changes of plans in real-time.

Flanco features

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User management
Regular and office admin users can be managed in the Flanco web admin panel
Resource management
Create a new resource or add new resources as you need and apply scheduling rules
Office map
Unlimited office maps including map versioning, resource and people search
Office issue management
Allow users to submit issues with the office and manage all issue in the admin panel
Instant booking & check-in, reservation transfer
Monitoring & analytics
Office occupancy can be viewed in real-time
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