What Flanco is capable of

Managing and optimizing your office flow while following all the safety requirements has never been more important than today. Flanco is a workspace scheduling app which allows you to

Book different resourcers, such as desks and meeting rooms

Standardize the calendar and follow all the movement

Scan the QR code for instant check-in or booking

Flanco features


We understand your need to have everything in one place. Not only is that more convenient, but it also guarantees efficiency and prevents any miscommunication. With Flanco's integrated features, forget overbooking, missing important meetings, or not knowing where your colleagues are.
Calendar integration
Simple to use, fully integrated calendar.
User integrations
Google SSO Login, Office 365 SSO Login

Resource management

With Flanco, you will know exactly what, when, why, and how your office space functions. Manage your resources (desks and meeting rooms) in the most convenient and simple way and ensure that everyone follows the rules. Access and manage your office space with one app!
Office space
Office maps
Simple wayfinding and a clear, detailed view of the entire office.
Your whole team, unlimited. Assign roles and enjoy!
User management
Scheduling rules
Set internal rules that work for your team – and never forget them.
Resource locations
Know what you've got in the office and exactly where it is. Always.

Support and maintenance

Users are our main priority, so we are prepared to answer all the questions and solve potential problems. Our team of professionals knows every Flanco's detail and feature, so we always upgrade our app, adding new features or solving existing bugs. Don't hesitate to contact us and find what you are looking for!
Free support
Free at all times
We're here for you and willing to help, not to break a bank.
Free updates
Stay up to date and don't worry about any extra costs.


Our product is available for the majority of people as we are accessible on both iOS and Android. We are constantly making changes and upgrading the current version to ensure the highest quality and comfort.
iOS and Android
You can have a discussion on which one is better later. We, in the meantime, cater for both.
Download the app on:


With Flanco, you will always know what happens at your office! Find your missing colleague, follow user flows to ensure safety, and schedule important meetings in just a few simple steps.
Real time monitoring
User flows
See which areas of your office get the busiest and at what times. Simultaneously, look for ways to improve those that stay largely underused.
Colleague search
Know who booked what and who sits where at all times. Then contact them directly.
Monthly reports
Don't let your imagination trick you, and only trust the numbers! Flanco provides a monthly analysis of how you managed and optimized your office flow.

Implementation process

Flanco is extremely easy to download, configure, and setup. With just a few clicks, you will access your office's resources and colleagues' movement.

Fast setup

Download the iOS/Android app
Sign up and approve your account
Add your colleagues and start using the app
Safe and simple check-in,
no hardware needed

To use Flanco effectively, QR codes have to be added to each of the resources to check-in without any problems. Once QR codes are added, each resource becomes unique, guaranteeing safety, precision, and fast identification.