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The price matters The price matters when it comes to cutting down office costs.
We are here to help you.

Plans scale with your growth

We base our pricing on number of resources (rooms, desks, etc.) used.



€500 - €25,000











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All plans include

Room & desk booking
User management
Synchronised calendar
Multiple location support
Real-time view
User synchronization
Mobile app and Web Admin panel
Resource analytics
Covid-19 features
Setup and support (map design, QR code stickers, onboarding)
Office 365 and Google Workspace integration
New feature releases and updates
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The progress Flanco makes
Our expertise in the field

Flanco was made by professionals in the field of space optimisation and progressive methods proven in practice over the years.

Easy to use

Flanco friendly user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. We seamlessly automate resource management and guarantee safe environment in the office.

Saving costs

Through process automation and resource planning lies a cost reduction level up to 20% and more.

Frequently asked questions

How will I be billed?

We bill all Flanco plans annually.

What are the payment methods?

Default payment method is by credit card, but If you would like to discuss other payment options like invoices, email us at

How can I modify my plan if I’ve reach my maximum resource capacity?

We do have flexible plans depending on resource quantity. If you have reached your plan's maximum capacity - please contact our support directly through Flanco admin panel.

Are there any set-up or hidden fees?

You can find all of Flanco plans here. There are no office set-up or any hidden fees.

Does our company need any hardware to use Flanco?

No hardware is needed, you only need to download the app from App Store and Google Play and you’re ready to go!

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