How Optimisation of Office Space can Lead to Increased Employee Well-being and Productivity

Client name

Elektrum Lietuva




Vilnius, Lithuania

Elektrum Lietuva is one of the leading energy suppliers in Lithuania. The company offers energy-related services and helps residents and businesses manage energy costs through innovative and sustainable solutions. Elektrum Lietuva is part of Latvenergo Group, the largest green electricity producer in the Baltics.

Challenge: OfficeSpace Optimisation and Employee Well-being

Optimising office space becomes crucial as companies move towards a hybrid work model, where employees can choose to work from home or the office. Office space management helps create a workspace that can promote employee well-being and foster team communion while maximising the use of available space.

One way to achieve this is by ensuring that the office environment is comfortable, spacious, and aesthetically pleasing. Providing ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks, and ample natural light are essential components of a well-designed workspace. Additionally, including recreational spaces such as a lounge area ora break room can help employees relax and recharge during the workday.

Team communication is another crucial aspect of office space management. Encouraging collaboration, communication, and socialisation among employees fosters a senseof belonging and promotes a positive work culture. Designing spaces that facilitate teamwork, such as meeting rooms and open floor plans, can help employees feel connected and work more efficiently together.

Solution: A Well-designed Flanco Space App Features for Hybrid Work Model

Flanco is a workspace management app that offers office space, desk booking, and meeting room booking features. These features are designed to create a positive working environment and atmosphere for employees, which can have numerous benefits.

One of the main advantages of the Flanco app is that it allows employees to book a meeting room or desk ahead of time, ensuring they have a dedicated area to work. This can increase employee productivity and reduce stress levels by eliminating the need to search for a meeting room or desk when arriving at the office.

Flanco space features can help create more efficient use of office space and management, as employees can reserve only the space they need, reducing waste and improving cost-effectiveness. This can also positively affect the environment, as fewer resources are being used and less waste is produced. 

Result: Increased Employee Well-being and Productivity

The office rotation method with Flanco's workspace management app can significantly benefit employees' well-being and productivity. By allowing for a hybrid work model, where employees have the option to work from home or in the office on a rotating basis, companies can create a more flexible and adaptable work environment.

Elektrum Lietuva Head of HR Giedrė Morkūnė is pleased with the Flanco solution: "We decided to apply hybrid work model when Elektrum Lietuva employees spend part of the time working from office and home. We used Flanco App to manage the flow of rotations, we also are able to record the number of employees in the office and reserve our workplaces so that we can replace the work routine at home with the much-needed - live communication with colleagues. The time spent together at work is positive for productive work, provides an opportunity to get to know new colleagues and helps to collaborate on projects smoothly."

Giedrė Morkūnė emphasizes the positive effects of implementing the office rotation method with Flanco. She notes that using the app to reserve workspaces helps to maintain the necessary number of employees in the office while promoting live communication and collaboration. The time spent together can foster team cohesion, improve employee satisfaction, and enhance productivity.


In conclusion, Flanco's workspace management app provides a valuable tool for implementing the office rotation method and promoting the well-being and productivity of employees. By using the app to reserve workspaces and facilitate office rotations, companies can create a flexible, efficient, and positive work environment that benefits both employees and the organisation.